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company news about How to test milk by spectrophotometer?

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Company News
How to test milk by spectrophotometer?
Latest company news about How to test milk by spectrophotometer?

The food industry has always played a pivotal role in the world economy, and in China, since ancient times, there has been a saying that food should be "color and flavorful", with color coming first. In fact, we judge the taste of a food or drink by its color even before each tasting. There are many kinds of food, but for the food that can be judged by color quality, colorimeter can play an important role in it, and compared with the visual method, colorimeter to determine the color of the substance through measurement to determine its quality for grading, will be applied to the food field, has the advantages of fast measurement, inexpensive and has a certain degree of accuracy.

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Milk is one of the oldest natural beverages and is known as "white blood". The protein in milk is of excellent quality and contains the essential amino acids required by the human body, and the content of other nutrients is also very rich, with high calcium content and good absorption.

In different countries, there are different types of milk to drink, the most common being whole, low-fat, and skim milk. There are also many milk additives on the market today, such as high calcium low-fat milk, which adds calcium.

So how do you measure the color value of a glass of milk? Today I will introduce it in detail.

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As we all know milk is a liquid, and the general colorimeter is no idea to measure the liquid, here we need to use the higher performance spectrophotometer measurement.

Spectrophotometer is the use of a high-intensity pulse xenon lamp that has a dual-optical path spectral analysis technology. The use of the International Commission on Illumination recommended D / 8 geometric optical conditions to meet the measurement needs of various industries; can be carried out with specular reflection (SCI) and in addition to specular reflection (SCE) measurement, more fully insight into the color data changes. And the UV component of the illumination source can be adjusted in any proportion. No need to connect to a computer to complete the measurement, a large display can directly observe the measurement results, easy to set the instrument status. Simple and convenient to adjust the size of the test aperture, the maximum measurement aperture can be 25.4mm, to meet the measurement needs of various sizes of samples.

YS series spectrophotometer not only can measure the color data of opaque samples but also can easily measure the transmittance and "turbidity" of transparent and translucent samples as well as concave grating measurement. Convenient and accurate calibration white plate fixed on the test port, to ensure the accuracy of white calibration, to provide a guarantee of high precision measurement. And can be different thicknesses, different sizes of samples closely fixed on the test port to prevent stray light into affect the accuracy of the measurement results.


Operation steps


Step 1: Prepare the milk to be measured with the universal component (first calibrate the instrument in black and white)

Step 2: Put the prepared milk into the colorimetric cup, and align the instrument with the measurement port of the universal test component.

Step 3: After the instrument is fixed, press "power on", then place the sample (milk) and press "measure" to measure; the measured data will be saved automatically as the standard value, which is convenient to compare with the test data later.

Step 4: Click to enter the sample measurement (the sample is placed well to avoid the impact of light leakage on the results), the same method as the standard sample measurement, after placing the sample, press the "measurement" key to measure; then the data comparison.

Step 5: Click the down button, you can see the product reflectance, the general human vision spectral reflectance side to 400-700mm.

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Following the above steps, you can easily and quickly measure the L, A, and B values of milk and compare the color difference values of the two types of milk. It easily solves the manufacturer's trouble of milk color value detection. The color difference meter is widely used in printing, coating, auto parts, metal, home appliances, gold standard test paper, food safety, medical testing, and other industries and research institutions at home and abroad.

In food production, Beijing HiYi Technology can choose different types of color difference instruments according to their products and customer needs to solve food color problems. Welcome to consult us: 400-015 1600.

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